(Come, sweet death.)

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-"To unite dreams beneath a banner of conquest. I praise your efforts. But, warriors... did you not understand? That all dreams must disappear when the dreamer wakes. Every last one of them. Therefore, it was inevitable that I would stand in your way. "

-"Sinful? Corrupt? I don't understand your logic. Why must pleasure and sin be connected? Pleasure gotten through evil means could be a sin. But pleasure can also result from good deeds. What kind of philosophy calls pleasure itself a sin?"

"You, who deny the truth of earth, I'll show you heaven's truth. I speak of genesis. The elements amalgamate, coalesce, and bring forth the stars that weave all of creation. Now, you better withstand your fear of death, mongrel! , Return everything to the Origin! Enuma! Elish!""

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There is no hope on a battlefield. There is nothing but unspeakable despair. Just a crime we call victory, paid for by the pain of the defeated. But humanity has never recognized this truth. And the reason is that, in every era, a dazzling hero has blinded the people with their legends, and kept them from seeing the evil of bloodshed.

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