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★★★ Mega Pack ZE Maps ★★★ - god - 12-20-2016


I am looking for all the ZE maps for CS 1.6 to create a mega pack especially for all the ZE servers.

Right now I have 150 ZE maps, from the most forgotten maps to the most newest maps. 

I will post it on many forums, but first I need to create it.

If you want to support this pack, please upload in this topic all the XMAS ( winter edition ) maps you have ( for example: ze_jurassicpark3_lg winter edition ).

Thank you !

RE: ★★★ Mega Pack ZE Maps ★★★ - god - 12-23-2016

Pack updated to 180 ZE maps.

// EDIT:

If someone have the following maps, please put them here:



ze_hawk // don't know if it is ze_black_hawk_v1
ze_city // possible ze_paola_city
ze_first_death // possible ze_firstideaof_beta3
ze_blackmesa_pg // possible just ze_blackmesa
ze_xjurassicpark3_lg // possible just normal jurassic 3

Also please if you have any other map that you think it should be in the pack ( no matter if it is old, new, remake ), just upload here.

RE: ★★★ Mega Pack ZE Maps ★★★ - The Beast - 12-25-2016

GOD = This is a retard user from romania.

It's Beggar.

Sa inchis comunitatea care era condusa de 2 copchi retardati facuti pentru alocatie si acuma nu mai ai unde sa joci ? =)). Pupai in cur sa deschida iar un server =)) ca sigur se va inchide din nou Smile) nu sunt in stare sa bage 1 boost si sa isi castige playeri loyaly ... Dar ma rog Asta e romania cu copchi retarzi ca tine.

Fi sigur ca nu o sa ajute nimeni un cersetor.

Se vede ca nu esti din romania =)))))))))) Smile) LOL

RE: ★★★ Mega Pack ZE Maps ★★★ - god - 12-25-2016

I'm sorry how you are ? I live in Romania but I am from England.

Pack updated to 190 maps.